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Brands, campaigns and products that lead with emotion to connect to consumers.

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Blending art and science to drive real business results.

Brand Identity

From naming to visual identity, we build brands: business opportunity, trademark opportunities, IP, SEO, path to distribution and marketing funnel.

Brand Messaging

How should the brand look, act and speak? We create a cohesive, consistent message hierarchy and train all employees, and create social, sales and marketing materials.

Branded Content

We eliminate the murky grey area between content and commercials and build KPI-driven creative.

Strategy & Consulting

Goal and KPI-driven planning, from fundraising to revenue growth to exit.

Social Media

We answer the how and why, and we create content that works. Followers are not a business KPI.

Founder Advisor

Branding, fundraising, strategy, product market fit, distribution, partnerships, PR.

Strategic Partnerships

We pair our brands with the right partners, creating authentic and mutually beneficial relationships.



Josh Gotthelf co-founded the basketball magazine Dime and built a digital brand that reached 4 million monthly unique visitors. Josh served as CEO and creative director of Dime for 14 years before selling the brand to UPROXX Media in January 2015. He served as VP of Marketing and Creative at digital media company Undertone, building and leading a team of 25, before launching State of Grind. Josh has created and produced over 300 marketing campaigns, events and product launches. He has partnered with dozens of brands, athletes, and music artists.


Ashley was the founding member of the influencer marketing team at Foot Locker, Inc., where she grew the program from the ground up, establishing a foundation and strategy across all of the parent company’s brands. From organic content to paid media, Ashley’s work blends authenticy with brand messages in ways that drive measurable results. In 2021, Ashley brought her skills to the startup space and is helping to shape unique brand voices and diversified content strategies. She is inspired by the endless creativity around her and is always pushing boundaries, asking questions and executing out of the box ideas.


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